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morscher's railroad photos          . morscher's  railroad images:  most of my photographs are from the ohio, pennsylvania, and new york areas.  these include many early conrail images.  there is also an assortment of railroad photos from the following lines: b&o  c&o csx d&h el norfolk & western norfolk southern others in an effort to better help my visitors locate items of interest, i have sorted the railroad images several ways.  these "sorted lists" include: yearly sortings by location (state then city) yearly sortings by railroad (railroad name then unit number) yearly sortings by chronological order (old to new) -or- 2 search engines: search this site across all years in the future i may add other sorting methods. please be patient since the "sorted lists" are quite large and take a bit of time to load. fortunately, you should not have to load a sorted list more than once per viewing session. use the hyperlinks in the table below to launch the "sorted lists" of images.     year of photo: sorted by location: sorted by railroad no.s : sorted by dates: 1977 location railroad dates 1978 location railroad dates 1979-86 location railroad dates 1987 location railroad dates 1988 location railroad dates 1989 location railroad dates 1990-91 location railroad dates 1992 location railroad dates 1993 location railroad dates 1994 location railroad dates 1995-96 location railroad dates 1997 location railroad dates 1998 location railroad dates 1999 location railroad dates 2000 location railroad dates 2001 location railroad dates 2002 location railroad dates 2003 location railroad dates 2004 location railroad dates 2005 location railroad dates 2006 location railroad dates 2007 location railroad dates after loading the regrettably large "sorted lists", touch the "t" in the gray areas for a thumbnail view or the "l" for a larger view. the images will open in fresh browser windows.  when finished viewing an image, close the image window (do not use the "back" button).  this should quickly return you to the waiting "sorted lists". i sized the images for for suitable viewing at an 800 x 600 screen resolution. most of the images load "progressively" when using "mozilla" or netscape". unfortunately, i do not think that microsoft's "internet explorer" handles progressive viewing. users of "internet explorer" will probably have to stare at a blank screen while waiting for an image to totally download. then the image will become visible.  railroad literature: awaiting new stories. recent site additions:  7-18-2004 thie first half of 2004, lots of berea stuff, and a little trip to the ohio central. 4-17-2005 a trip to germany, the rest of 2004, and few photos from early 2005. 6-6-2005 the first half of 2005 with stuff from ohio, pennyslvania, and a trip to a baldwin diesel haven in new jersey. 5-11-2006 at last, the second part of 2005. 9-1-2006 things from around cleveland in the first 8 months of 2006. 11-6-2006 more local stuff and a surprise lakeshore & michigan southern relic. 12-6-2006 100,000th visitor to the morscher's railroad images web page. 3-15-2007 added local photos from the tail end of 2006 and the start of 2007. 5-13-2007 more cleveland area stuff, and a short trip to willard. 7-7-2007 improved my macros to generate the web pages faster and more easily.  9-29-2007 some cuyahoga valley scenic railroad photos. coming attractions: more images from the year 2007.  relevant raiload links please feel free to send me any corrections and suggestions.  i have captioned many slides and often have not been totally sure of the locations and specifics from long ago.  e-mail me at: axm11@po.cwru.edu   return to main morscher page. morscher's railroad page history   total axle count: by digits.com  
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