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euratel - european railway telecommunications euratel eeig / geie / ewiv registered company of 11 members at, be, ch, cz, de, dk, fi, fr, pl, se, sk eeig: european economic interest grouping geie: groupement européen d’intérêt économique ewiv: europäische wirtschaftliche interessenvereinigung legal entity of european law (eec 2137/85, 25 july 1985) company register: vienna fn 148640 p date of registration: 13 november 1996 company address: a - 1150 wien, europaplatz 1 manager: ernst strommer chairman of the general assembly: herman vanderborght finance: no assets, membership fees euratel group multilateral working group of 24 members, which are telecom departments of railways or railway related telecom companies euratel aims support of the members to achieve best service to their customers balance of interests of the members and benefits of the customers euratel memorandum of understanding the railways and railway related companies of euratel have the common understanding as follows and are prepared to consider these guidelines in their decisions: in order to fulfil better the railways international telecom needs, and to offer to the market the surplus capacity of their networks, the members of euratel have the wish to develop their international cooperation. the railways and railway related companies of euratel intend to support each other in telecom projects with their specific telecom resources according to normal commercial considerations. it has to be taken in account, that the facilities or business objectives of the individual entities involved in such a process are probably different and no one of these entities may be obliged to give contributions. these contributions may be given to bilateral or multilateral projects, as well for railway internal applications (e.g. in the framework of uic) as for applications offered in the telecom market. bilateral projects shall be organized usually by the concerned partners, multilateral projects in general shall be organized by euratel. the railways and railway related companies of euratel confirm that they will be each other the preferred partners, but the right to cooperate with other parties is not limited. euratel activities provision of transborder telecom infrastructure in co-operation with international railway entities for these projects: implementation, fault management, common billing, "single point of contact" "euratel forum" the "euratel forum" is dealing with the following issues information exchange strategy, business cases, organisation, outsourcing, marketing contacts, interconnection agreements railway application and requirement vpn, gsm-r, etcs, service provision, ... technology update ip, atm, in, video, umts, xdsl, ccbs, ... market evolutions deregulation access, licenses, universal service, number portability, eu initiatives
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