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tsukuba city hall - trains trains (densha) joban line the three closest train stations to tsukuba are tsuchiura, arakawaoki, and hitachi-no-ushiku, all on the joban line. the joban line goes south to ueno in tokyo and north to sendai in miyagi. to get to these stations, it is necessary to drive or take a kanto tetsudo bus. stations on the joban line between mito and ueno: mito ----- kairakuen ----- akatsuka ----- uchihara ----- tomobe ----- iwama ----- hatori ----- ishioka ----- takahama ----- kandatsu ----- tsuchiura ----- arakawa-oki ----- hitachi-no-ushiku ----- ushiku ----- sanuki ----- fujishiro ----- toride ----- tennoudai ----- abiko ----- kashiwa ----- matsudo ----- kita senju ----- minami senju ----- mikawashima ----- nippori ----- ueno tsukuba express tsukuba has a new train that connects tsukuba to akihabara in 45 minutes. the train, called tsukuba express, started running on august 24, 2005. the terminal station is called tsukuba. the next station is called kenkyu gakuen, which means "research" and "university". next is banpaku kinen koen which means "expo memorial park". the final stop in tsukuba is midorino or "green field". miraidaira (future plains) is the station on the boundary between ina and yawara and the final stop in ibaraki is moriya. the train continues on through chiba and saitama before reaching tokyo. the tsukuba express train route does not have a single railroad crossing. no traffic is disturbed because of this new line. the platforms of the tsukuba express stations has barriers preventing anything from falling onto the tracks. when the doors of the train open, the barriers open to let people on and off the train. the train travels at speeds of up to 130km/hr. this makes it one of the fastest commuter trains into the tokyo area. it reaches akihabara in 45 minutes. the train runs almost automatically, generally requiring only one person to operate. all trains have 6 cars. tsukuba express: park and ride there are park and ride facilities at the new train stations in tsukuba. kenkyu gakuen station has space for 605 cars, 300m west of the entrance. banpaku kinen koen station has space for 51 cars, 250m south of the entrance. midorino station has space for 202 cars, 300m south of entrance. regular cars and yellow-plate cars can able to park in these lots for 100 yen per two hours up to 10 hours (500 yen for between 10 and 24 hours). monthly passes are 5000 yen per month. people who have disabilities are given a discount. tsukuba express: bicycle parking lots kenkyu gakuen station has room for 138 bicycles, 140m west of the entrance. banpaku kinen koen station has room for 174 bicycles, 60m north of the entrance. midorino station has room for 192 bicycles, 130m north of the entrance. bikes, motorized bicycles ("gentsuki"), and motorcycles under 250cc (no sidecars) can park in these lots for free. fares to akihabara from tsukuba station = 1150 yen (580 yen for children) from kenkyu gakuen station = 1100 yen (550 yen) from banpaku kinen koen station = 1050 yen (530 yen) from midorino station = 1000 yen (500 yen) the fares are based on a per kilometer rate. a basic ticket costs 160 yen (adult, one way) and discounts are available for monthly passes (commuting to work 40% or school 60%). you can buy books of tickets for savings on regular travel. books of tickets regular set = 11 tickets for the price of 10 (9.1% discount) daytime set = 12 tickets for the price of 10 (16.7%), can only be used on weekends and holidays (including dec 30-31 and jan 1-3) and between 10am and 4pm on weekdays holiday set = 14 tickets for the price of 10 (28.6%), can only be used on weekends and holidays (including dec 30-31 and jan 1-3) train schedules first trains tsukuba 5:07am --> akihabara 5:59am (semi express) akihabara 5:30am --> tsukuba 6:27am (regular) last trains tsukuba 11:05pm --> akihabara 11:50pm (express) tsukuba 11:14pm --> akihabara 12:11am (regular) akihabara 11:30pm --> tsukuba 12:27am (regular) train travel times (measured from akihabara) no. station regular semi-express express 1 akihabara station 0 0 0 2 shin okachimachi station 2 2 2 3 asakusa station 4 4 4 4 minami senju station 7 7 7 5 kita senju station 10 10 10 6 aoi station 13 -- -- 7 rokumachi station 15 -- -- 8 yashio station 19 17 -- 9 misato chuo station 22 20 -- 10 minami nagareyama station 25 23 20 11 nagareyama central park station 28 -- -- 12 nagareyama otakanomori station 30 26 25 13 kashiwanoha campus station 33 30 -- 14 kashiwa tanaka station 36 -- -- 15 moriya station 40 35 32 16 miraidaira station 45 40 -- 17 midorino station 48 43 -- 18 banpaku kinen koen station 51 46 -- 19 kenkyu gakuen station 54 49 -- 20 tsukuba station 57 min 52 min 45 min caution: train wires! be extremely careful around the electrical lines and follow these rules. do not enter the railway grounds. do not touch or go near the wires. don't throw things onto the railway grounds. don't fly kites near the railroad tracks. if a kite or plastic bag is caught on the wires, do not try to remove it yourself. contact the authorities at 0297-45-5612 or 0297-52-8300. further information jr tsuchiura station 029-821-0042 jr arakawaoki station 029-841-0016 jr hitachi-no-ushiku station 029-871-2668 tsukuba express office 029-836-1111 x2277 see also... bicycles buses cars and driving directions to/from tsukuba taxis tourism please note: while all efforts have been made to offer accurate and up-to-date information on this site, the information is presented as a guideline and is subject to change without notification. phone numbers, addresses, and/or policies may have changed since this page was created. please contact the appropriate section of the city hall for confirmation of information and city policies. updated september 16, 2005 www.city.tsukuba.ibaraki.jp (site map) contact us!
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