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f trains: another example of getting rss wrong _uacct = "ua-172256-1"; _udn="marketingstudies.net"; urchintracker();       contacts l help l about     subscribe to the rss marketing e-zine providing strategic semi-monthly views on best rss uses and practices and latest rss news. [privacy] email address: the marketing diary   l   the rss diary   l   rss marketing   l   rss cases blog    l   interactive optimization blog get the free crash-course in rss marketing, to find out exactly how you'll profit from implementing this new technology. covers everything from rss for direct marketing to using rss for seo. complete the form below to receive your free report now! your name: your e-mail: the rss cases blogthe rss cases blog brings you rss technology advice, helps you understand rss technology issues and explains different rss business cases. [august 14, 2006] roll your own rss feed reader [august 13, 2006] will atom power the future web? [july 6, 2006] sabifoo - a new way to podcast? [june 26, 2006] web feed + podcasting notes #8 - do you delete rss feeds? [june 24, 2006] getting wider adoption for rss you are here: home » the rss marketing diary » rss examples » f trains: another example of getting rss wrong february 26, 2007 f trains: another example of getting rss wrong posted by rok hrastnik in rss examples rss specifications point to the f train from nyc and their rss feed, which lets you watch traing schedules and changes. the essential idea of course is good --> use rss to get your latest and most important content to your prospects and customers. train schedules certainly seem relevant enough for someone in nyc to subscribe to them. but again, someone is missing the point. if i want to know about traing schedules and changes, i don't care about all schedules and changes. i just care about the routes i take. if i'm only taking the queens-bound route, don't talk to me about manhattan-bound trains. f trains, great idea, but now makes this a little more usable and allow people to select which routes they're interested in and then give them an rss feed just for those. comments post a comment name: * email address: * url: [enter the correct number in the field below to verify you are a real person] 2 + 2 = remember personal info? yes no comments: related articles [february 26, 2007] what you can do with amazon rss now? latest rss marketing and rss publishing news, commentary, advice and developments. your primary source for rss marketing information and marketing development. edited by rok hrastnik rss feed for this blog: unleash the marketing & publishing power of rss the e-book that is defining rss marketing. click here in the media other rss related ramblings podcasting and rss audio rss advertising rss audio interviews and conversations rss e-book developments rss examples rss for webmasters rss latest news rss marketing rss metrics rss public relations rss publishing and rss marketing tools rss seo and traffic generation rss services for end-users rss statistics rss step-by-step the syndicate conference march 2007 february 2007 january 2007 july 2006 june 2006 may 2006 april 2006 march 2006 february 2006 january 2006 december 2005 november 2005 october 2005 september 2005 august 2005 july 2005 june 2005 may 2005 april 2005 march 2005 february 2005 january 2005 june 14, 2004 introduction to strategic marketing pillars in marketing pillars june 14, 2004 marketing as an integrated communicational process in marketing pillars june 14, 2004 the marketing strategy as the essential element in marketing pillars june 14, 2004 one-on-one sales as the first step in marketing pillars june 14, 2004 constant change in marketing pillars june 14, 2004 unique pre-dispositions in marketing pillars powered by movable type 3.34 l contact us l privacy l terms of use
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