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1. www.bricklin.com/qos.htm
...s feeling that special handling of "the right traffic" will be required to make things wor... ...quot;value". if my "valuable" voice traffic has to share the pipes equally with large... ...nography) it would be unfair. the "good" traffic should have priority.
http://www.bricklin.com/qos.htm - Pertinence 100% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

2. www.ansaldo-sts.com/it/glossario.html
... il sistema ctc (centralized traffic control), che consente la supervisione e ... ...esti, si distingue il nuovo sistema otp (optimized traffic planner), di gestione del traffico e dell... ... ats: automatic traffic supervision, supervis
http://www.ansaldo-sts.com/it/glossario.html - Pertinence 30% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

3. central.terminal.railfan.net/history.html
...strate the effect of the depression and erosion of traffic by alternate forms of transportation, a ... ...ction was on the rise and the lion's share of this traffic was routed via the rails. as the depress... ...th it a rising tide of both freight and passenger traffic. gasoline rationing o
http://central.terminal.railfan.net/history.html - Pertinence 30% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

4. www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/07/05/1183351353586.html
... didn't want to stand in a queue, but he said foot traffic was blocked across the bridge. how crazy ... ...r emergency vehicles and maintenance crews. by 4pm traffic was beginning to flow normally, if sluggi... ...as stopped by a transit officer and told even foot traffic was congested. "i did
http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/07/05/1183351353586.html - Pertinence 25% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

5. www.bueker.net/trainspotting/lines_tgv-ice-linkage.php
...ts on 18 september 2003, the federal ministers for traffic, building and housing dr. manfred stolpe ... ... its part to include in the context of its federal traffic route plan the development of a connectio... ... and concern all the trains carrying international traffic that will run on this
http://www.bueker.net/trainspotting/lines_tgv-ice-linkage.php - Pertinence 20% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

6. knorek.com/RR/Ohio/ohio.htm
...as most of the port cities on the west coast. only traffic to/from from canada and chicago through t... ...ada and chicago through the state of michigan, and traffic to/from los angeles and the east coast by... ...to market by train. when you add this home grown traffic with the traffic flow
http://knorek.com/RR/Ohio/ohio.htm - Pertinence 20% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

7. www.cordis.lu/transport/src/rail.htm
...pecification of the complete ertms (european rail traffic management system) etcs-vb: rail test s... ...etworks in europe optirails: rail optimisation of traffic through the european rail traffic managem... ... optimisation of traffic through the european rail traffic management systems p
http://www.cordis.lu/transport/src/rail.htm - Pertinence 15% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

8. www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2006/08/tgv_est_timetab.html
...aphs from the this french life album traffic and travel 24/7 road reports ... ...avel 24/7 road reports from the french traffic centre... translation to...
http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/thisfrenchlife/2006/08/tgv_est_timetab.html - Pertinence 10% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

9. www.rtri.or.jp/japanrail/Overview_E.html
... (33%) electrified section 9,861km (56%) passenger traffic 24 million people/day 663 million peop... ...lion people/day 663 million people km/day freight traffic 101,000 tons/day 60,998 thousands ton ...
http://www.rtri.or.jp/japanrail/Overview_E.html - Pertinence 10% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

10. www.rrdc.com/op_guatemala_fvg.html#news
...coasts. after years of little maintenance, loss of traffic, invasion by squatters, the abandonment o... ...statistics as of december 31, 2006 major traffic flows length in km. length...
http://www.rrdc.com/op_guatemala_fvg.html#news - Pertinence 10% - Mise a jour 12-04-2015 - Cache

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