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tgv est timetable and track route: this french life _uacct = "ua-683415-2"; urchintracker(); this french life news, advice and information for those from the uk, the us and other english speakers who want to live life the french way... home email mobile about archive picks forum flickr supporting   newsletter and feeds sign up to the site newsletter to get your free ebook         what are feeds? recent articles french sites to discover a festive stroll around strasbourg market a musical christmas greeting photographs from around france translation tools in google talk ryanair flights to angoulãªme facebook groups with a touch of france eurostar service for ski fans and christmas recent comments larry davis on the impressionists on the bbc larry davis on the impressionists on the bbc alan bennett on french health changes could still bite back c.hamblin on change ahead for french number plates craig mcginty on a musical christmas greeting craig mcginty on tips on buying travel insurance to france chris late on a musical christmas greeting jennifer blashak on tips on buying travel insurance to france david cracknell - ambiclim on finding builders in france john wootton on finding a long-term rental more reader comments... selected articles tips on finding property find french estate agents role of a notaire the compromis de vente the acte de vente electricity tariffs french tax system eu pet passport for travel tips on moving to france blog for your business more selected articles... this french forum del.icio.us links my del.icio.us more bookmarked stories property buying french life on flickr .zg_div {margin:0px 5px 5px 0px; width:117px;} .zg_div_inner { color:#666666; text-align:center; font-family:arial, helvetica; font-size:11px;} .zg_div a, .zg_div a:hover, .zg_div a:visited {color:#003366; background:inherit !important; text-decoration:none !important;} zg_insert_badge = function() { var zg_bg_color = 'ffffff'; var zgi_url = 'http://www.flickr.com/apps/badge/badge_iframe.gne?zg_bg_color='+zg_bg_color+'&zg_context=in%2fpool-thisfrenchlife%2f&zg_group_id=91954433%40n00'; document.write(''); if (document.getelementbyid) document.write('what is this?'); } zg_togglewhat = function() { document.getelementbyid('zg_whatdiv').style.display = (document.getelementbyid('zg_whatdiv').style.display != 'none') ? 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'none' : 'block'; return false; } www.flickr.com zg_insert_badge(); this is a flickr badge showing public photos from the thisfrenchlife group pool. make your own badge here. if (document.getelementbyid) document.getelementbyid('zg_whatdiv').style.display = 'none'; photograph album take a look at photographs from the this french life album traffic and travel 24/7 road reports from the french traffic centre... translation tool from french to english from english to french from english to spanish from english to german from english to italian from english to port. from spanish to english from german to english from italian to english from port. to english from german to french from spanish to french from french to german from french to spanish other sites currency exchange services french property buying french art and antiques french life shop french cheese and wine this french life on youtube this burgundy life ivy paris news craig mcginty this perth life typepad tgv est timetable and track route in less than twelve months the lgv est high speed rail track between paris and strasbourg will open. the new route will cut journey times in half giving travellers the chance to take the tgv to eastern france and on to luxembourg, germany and switzerland. with a planned opening date of june 10, 2007 the three billion euro project will see over 400 km of new track laid, with 221 road crossings and more than a million sleepers used in its construction. the tgv est european website features timetables for the service with trains leaving paris every hour or so and the journey to strasbourg taking just over two hours. it will also be possible to travel direct to stuttgart as well as reach mulhouse and zurich in around four hours. in france there will be new stations built with the champagne-ardenne tgv station located 5 km from reims, the lorraine tgv station, in the commune of louvigny, 27 km from metz and the meuse tgv station around 30 km from verdun. by craig mcginty on august 26, 2006. in travel | permalink | admin e-mail to a friend | add to del.icio.us | digg this | stumbleupon | listen to article more: « summing up the french | home | black diamonds and dark music » feedjit live website statistics comments hostname = '.thisfrenchlife.com'; post a comment name: email address:(will be displayed with comment.) url: remember personal info? comments: this french life ads currency exchange: news, advice and information from sgm-foreign exchange. this french life shop: books, music, gifts and kitchenware by amazon. eurostar ticket tips: book a ticket and make use of simple advice. holiday home insurance: intasure property insurance for gã®tes in france. burgundy bookshelf: browse amazon titles on wine, food and the burgundy region. this french car hire: rent a car from town centres, stations and airports. travel insurance: buy cover and read advice from columbus direct. cheese and wine books: amazon titles to discover french cheese and wine. the bookshelf kate mosse: sepulchreauthor interview... vicki archer: my french lifeauthor interview... grand prix saboteurslisten to author interview... starting a business in francemy review... c'est la folieread my review... crossing the loireread my review... buying property in franceread my review... dordogne, berry, limousin green guidemy review... a perfect circleread my review... on the brink: the trouble with francemy review... au revoir angleterreread my review... buying a property: francemy review... more france please, we're british!my review... guide to buying property in franceread my review... going to live in france: your guide to life and work in france more books about france... business in france ¦ current affairs ¦ food and drink ¦ french regions ¦ interviews ¦ learn french podcasts in french ¦ france property news ¦ french sports ¦ the arts in france ¦ french tourism ¦ french travel advice category & date archive ¦ french links ¦ website disclaimer ¦ copyright â© craig mcginty. var sc_project=317802; var sc_partition=1; var sc_security=""; _qoptions = { tags:"typepad.extended" }; _qacct="p-fcywumj5ybykm"; quantserve();
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