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photos of trains and rail in southern africa trains and rail in south and southern africa (and a bit of international rail mixed in) october 2007 ng express newsletter need a train for an advert or film? i will attempt to locate any equipment producers require ranging from trucks to cars to aircraft to locomotives to military vehicles. you name it, i will attempt to locate it. contact dylan at arm consultants - cell:  082 850 1976 or e-mail sitemap to all pages on the train site media articles from the past created 04-01-2008 south african steam train locomotive photo index class 1 to 26, a, b, h2, s1, s2, zasm, reefsteamers, outeniqua choo-tjoe, miscellaneous steam updated 01-01-2008 south african garratt locomotive photo index gb to go, rr garratts, 'ing l d porta' updated 03-01-2008 south african diesel locomotive photo index class 31 to 38, steltam, hunslets, miscellaneous diesel updated 02-01-2008 south african electric locomotive photo index class 1e to 18e, emu's, miscellaneous electric updated 03-01-2008 narrow gauge train photo index ng tender, garratt, diesel, misc locomotives, apple express, banana express, paton's county, pe to avontuur line, port shepstone to harding line, sandstone, pomegranate express updated 05-01-2008 train drawings - sue lawrence locomotives, mainline, suburban coaches, electric vans/coaches, wagons, rhodesian railways updated 31-08-2007 zimbabwe locomotive photo index tender, garratt, electric, diesel locomotives, rolling stock, yards, miscellaneous updated 14-07-2006 botswana   steam  |  br - diesel  |  other diesel   kenya   steam  |  diesel   mozambique rail including sheltam diesel   namibia rail   tanzania rail   zambia rail   south african rail cars funkey's, inspection, plasserail,  trolleys, luxrailer, miscellaneous updated 04-10-2006 maps section rail maps courtesy of bruno martin updated 02-11-2006 booklist - books, articles etc updated 22-11-2007 videos updated 12-11-2006 trevor staats' archive pages ± 1000 photos covering south africa, botswana and zimbabwe updated 03-09-2007 sar experimental gas locomotive created 27-11-2006 richard, john and geoff's 25nc - 3488 enchantress story and photos   rolling stock coaches, wagons, vans, dining cars etc updated 27-05-2006 rail modellers reference pics detailed photos of locomotives and rolling stock updated 20-09-2006 baluleka train spoornet top client train, train consist and information   blue train detailed photos updated 20-09-2006 dune express shongololo express coaches   lovelife train coaches   phelophepa train coaches   rovos rail coaches   spier train coaches   train lodge coaches   union limited locomotives and coaches   railway vehicles shunting tractors, steam engines   rail or road - train or truck   train graveyards by province updated 04-08-2006 hall of shame our railway heritage down the proverbial drain updated 02-06-2006 what went wrong aka the 'oops' page updated 04-08-2006 sa stations, sheds, yards by province updated 04-10-2006 sa bridges (including zimbabwe) photos of rail bridges by province updated 08-01-2008 rail museums - southern africa updated 23-12-2006 live steamers - sa & overseas updated 04-05-2006 miscellaneous rail related photos making adverts, funicular railway, kowie chu chu etc updated 01-01-2008 rhodesian railway - outline drawings ordering and information   dave rodgers tour - 2005 photos aidan mccarthy   reefsteamers photos 30-04-2005 - 15-05-2005 rail tour.  photos aidan mccarthy   steam locomotive safari tour 19d 2669. photos aidan mccarthy   avontuur adventurer photos robert wilson   dick gillatt's  - locomotives - a wonderful winters week article from 1989   durban time-table from 1974   pierre's painting class 25 & 25nc in de aar   the pomegranate express an enchanting story of one of our favourite ng lines   christo's coastal trip - dec 2004 report on train situation cape town to port elizabeth   wallpapers to download   mackay sugar - australian narrow gauge sugar cane - diesel hydraulic loco's   dick gillatt's train pics from his trip to europe - may 2005   overseas pics by sa railfans including qj's in china updated 04-07-2006 train photos submitted by:- sl sue lawrence cd craig duckham gp geoff pethick pp peter page dc me jn joe neethling amc aidan mccarthy gc geoff cooke th trevor heath dj darren john sa stefan andrzejewski bb3 barend botha dh dick huijsman aj andrew johnson ds dennis summergill rw1 richard watson cb clive briscoe hvw hennie van wyk ad andre dreyer bmr b.m. radloff js jez smith cs colin summersgill bb bryan benn rn richard niven sm simon mead wk wayne kennerley rg richard gillatt tb thomas bauer nb1 neil blinco gl glen landsberg bg brett geraghty dm dick manton dn derick norton cl charlie lewis ps peter summergill nn nick newport ea eugene armer jp1 john peduzzi ls logan stone jm john messner cb1 colyn brookes jvv johan van veenendal rd rollo dickson gr graham roberts su stefan u.gutsch bd bob deyzel cv carlos vierra cp charles phillips it ian turner th terry huston pb peter burton jb janet belstead bb2 bruce brayne jl1 justin lewis mg mike grice ks kevin summergill dd debbie deans nb nathan berelowitz lm lino lm1 laurie mulrine cr chris riley ke kevin ekstrom ts trevor staats bm bruno martin tm trevor marshall ra robert adams dk dylan knott jl jorge leite ldp len du preez cj chris janisch mi marcus ingram bf ben fisher rw robert wilson dw derek walker hp hannes paling gb gary barnes sg stuart grossert jp johan pretorius gj gilbert jessop mc m p canter md mark dyer dr david rodgers home page aircraft animal powered buses and coaches construction farming fire and rescue military mini bus taxis mining police and riot ships ships vintage trains and rail train drawings train modelers trucks new pictures legal e-mail   copyright is alive and well, please click © moby’s site _uacct = "ua-587217-1"; urchintracker();
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