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trains, planes, and automobiles . . . and ships! #wn{padding-top:98px;position:relative;top:0;} #lb{position:absolute;top:0;height:90px;margin:4px;text-align:center;width:99%} collarity_page_type='content'; site map | faq in all infoplease almanacs • general • entertainment • sports biographies dictionary encyclopedia spelling checker daily almanac for nov 8, 2007 search white pages skip navigation home almanacs atlas encyclopedia dictionary thesaurus features quizzes timelines countries american indian heritage month world & news united states history & gov't biography sports arts & ent. business society & culture health & science homework center fact monster kid's reference,games, quizzes daily almanac this day in history today's birthday word of the day editor's favoritesamerican indian heritage monthveterans daydaylight saving timecampaign 2008pakistan country profilenobel prizes 2007world series recordsthanksgivingpresidential factfileiraq timelinenfl team profiles2007 current eventsholidays: religious and secular, 20082007 calendar2008 calendar search: infoplease info search tips search: biographies bio search tips trains, planes, and automobiles . . . and ships! interesting facts, statistics, and fun features about our favorite modes of transportation   trains ten famous trains from the orient express to the high tech japanese bullet train the world's largest subway systems the moscow subway serves 3.2 billion riders a year a short history of the american subway boston was america's first major railroad accidents the u.s. worst railroad disaster took place in 1918, killing 101 encyclopedia: the history of the railroad from the earliest railroads to high speed passenger service planes famous planes the world's most notable passenger, fighter, bomber, experimental, and spy planes famous firsts in aviation from the first balloon flight to today's non-stop 10,000-mile passenger airline flights the world's busiest airports atlanta's airport caters to more passengers than any other aircraft crashes the u.s.'s worst crash took place in 1979, killing 272 almanac: aviation from the aviator's hall of fame to world speed records ...and ships! historical ships from the titanic to the bounty to the queen mary most famous shipwrecks remember the maine ships: mysterious disappearances what happened to the mary celeste and the uss cyclops? automobiles car names do you fancy yourself in a honda civic or a corvette stingray? top-selling cars in the united states the ford f-series tops the list most popular car colors silver is the most desired color most expensive cars a rolls royce phantom is a bargain next to the saleen s7 top triple a car rankings your best bet under $15,000 is the mazda 3 the most and least polluting cars the dodge ram srt10 is the biggest gas guzzler the most stolen cars thieves really go for the acura integra most and least knowledgeable drivers oregonians are the wisest, rhode islanders the most ignorant improper driving as a factor in accidents 13% of accidents are the result of speeding for more on cars, trains, and planes see transportation information please® database, © 2007 pearson education, inc. all rights reserved. citeprintemail bookmark add bookmark furl this page add to del.icio.us digg it! add to reddit features archive did you know? about 6% of american households have a pet bird. infoplease tools calculator spelling checker place finder distance calculator periodic table conversion tool perpetual calendar year by year career center job search post your resume continuing ed. college center scholarship search colleges & universities college resources © 2000–2007 pearson education, publishing as infoplease • rss • about • contact • link to us • advertise with infoplease • terms of use • privacy • related sites: family education • teachervision _qacct="p-c2iqpv7gxxf_a";quantserve(); var hotwords = new hotwords(); _uacct = "ua-350786-1"; urchintracker(); ]]> ]]>
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