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railway images - railroad photos - railway photography   rail world photography world famous railroad lines - that's the stuff this page deals with. the vision is to present famous european lines virtually on the web. railway photography is a hobby, but it's a demanding task too to produce interesting railway photographs. as photographer i try to include a lot of railway typical atmosphere in my images. the ebepe rail world presents rail operation photographs together with significant captions. the site shall contribute that beauty and charm of the described lines may be visitable all across the web world. hopefully you have the same fun when browsing that i had during production. of course you expect a high level of quality like usual on many professional web sites. as amateur one has to try hard to combine all disciplines: site planning, photography and image processing, editorial works and last but not least design and implementation, all in one person … but there is a virus existing, it's called the "railroad virus". if someone is infected once, frequently a long period of "suffering" follows up. scroll down and see fruits of such virus attacks. feel free selecting from the 28 documentations down here by clicking! (firefox users see here). digits-counts since september 2000 release: august 2005   semmering railroad part 1 unesco world heritage and first mountain railroad at all, that are the attributes of the documented line. this first part comprises the semmering mountain railroad between gloggnitz and the abfaltersbach viaduct (30 photos). release: august 2005   semmering railroad part 2 this gallery continues with the line section between the abfaltersbach viaduct and the rumpler viaduct. most semmering galleries with photographs from 1986 till today (32 photos + north ramp map). (top of page) release: august 2005   semmering railroad part 3 this follow up gallery presents the north ramp section between rumpler viaduct and the kalte rinne viaduct. with special focus to the krauselklause area (29 photos). release: august 2005   semmering railroad part 4 this next gallery presents the north ramp section between the kalte rinne viaduct and the semmering station, the place with the highest line altitude (19 photos). release: august 2005   semmering railroad part 5 this gallery finally presents the southern section starting at the south exit of the main tunnel and continuing until the ramp's terminal at muerzzuschlag station (26 photos + south ramp map). release: november 2004   semmering railroad winter images in the past winter and summer images were mixed. now i introduced a separate gallery only presenting winter images (22 photos). (top of page) release: october 2004   in 2004 the 150 years semmering railroad anniversary was celebrated. the rail track passing this magic mountain was opened in 1854 being the first real mountain railroad worldwide! this gallery reports with regard to the special events which were scheduled due to the anniversary of this famous unesco world cultural heritage (5 separate galleries). release: january 2006   this is gallery 1 of my new documentation regarding the "waldviertler schmalspurbehn". the line is located in the north of lower austria close to the czech border. besides the loco preparation at the loco station we see the section between gmuend, continuing over weitra to steinabch grosspertholz (32 photos). release: january 2006   the section behind steinbach grosspertholz, climbing up the small semmering, passing the bruderndorf plateau, and descending to the terminal station is content of gallery 2 with regard to the southern branch of the "waldviertler schmalspurbahn" (28 photos). release: january 2006   based on the advent tours of 2005 i produced an additional gallery 3 which deals with winter operation at the "waldviertler schmalspurbahn". terminal station for these tours is the idyllic fassldorf, an inn located at the ramp section of the small semmering (12 photos). release: december 2004   the following 6 galleries were produced to make beauty and charme of the mariazell railroad accessible to the world. it is a narrow gauge track line located in austria. gallery 1 deals with the section between the stations of st. poelten and laubenbachmuehle (24 photos). release: december 2004   gallery 2 of the mariazell railroad presentation continues from laubenbachmuehle and climbs up the mountain to the southern terminal station at mariazell. many photos from 21 tunnels and 24 bridges & viaducts included. additional informationen via layer technique (30 photos). release: december 2004   gallery 3 will descend from mariazell back to laubenbachmuehle. with photographs from several hidden and not easily accessible places (30 photos). (top of page) release: december 2004   gallery 4 continues from laubenbachmuehle to the northern terminal station at st. poelten. this gallery includes many photographs taken under the warm late afternoon sun. rail fans should consider to visit the mariazell railroad area, it's worth a journey (24 photos). release: december 2004   not just trains and line motives are interesting for fans. therefore i included gallery 5 with impressionen from around the line (25 photos). here also the status of the former terminal station gusswerk is matter of exploration ... release: december 2004   finally the steam operation at the mariazell railway is focus of gallery 6. this gallery comprises shots from a 20 years periode of railroad photography (29 photos). (top of page) release: december 2004   because a line presentation without winter operation is incomplete i produced gallery 7. the shots of this gallery were photographed in january 2004 (19 photos). release: november 2004   the engadin line of the rhaetian railroad is located between scuol trasp and pontresina or st. moritz (switzerland). the photographs of this gallery were taken in summer 2002. it's a gallery for people interested in civil engineering structures (24 photos). update: january 2004   in summer 2002 i stayed some time in switzerland/rhaetia again. during these days i also took some new rhaetian railway pictures. this gallery presents images of the line sections from filisur - thusis - chur and landquart. the famous landwasser viaduct left is a symbol for this line (22 photos). (top of page) update: august 2005   the rhaetian railroad is the kanton railroad of the swiss kanton graubuenden. the gallery presents photographs of the albula pass line which spirals up the albula mountain in a breathtaking way (33 photos + layout graphic). release: november 2004   the last gallery of the rhaetian railroad presents photographs with regard to the bernina line. this line departs at the engadin valley, crosses the bernina pass, and descents to the already italian town tirano (32 photos). release: january 2004   in 2003 the rhaetian railroad celebrated 100 years albula line. from june 27th to 29th several anniversary activities took place. there was a lot to observe and to take pictures. between june and october special trains were in operation on a regular basis on weekends (15 photos). (top of page) release: october 2002   rhaetian railroad - albula line - filisur station; on october 19th, 2002 a special railroad celebration took place here. reason was that the private group "club 1889" had finished overhauling a historic coach now called the "filisurer stuebli". base was the former party coach x 9064. it's a report where the close winter partly took over direction (20 photos). release: january 2004   in june 2003 a special steam locomotive festival was organized at the austrian railroad hub selzthal in styria. promotors were the austrian federal railway oebb and the oegeg organization. this part 1 presents locomotive parades in front of the old roundhouse and on the turntable (18 photos). release: january 2004   during the festival several special trains were on tour within the close surrounding of selzthal. this part 2 reproduces impressions of the special train program and from the atmosphere at the festival area (20 photos). (top of page) release: march 2002   starting in gmuend noe (austria) the northern branch of the "wood quarter" narrow gauge track line divides at alt nagelberg. two branches continue, one to litschau and the other to heidenreichstein. in summer 2000 the 100 years celebrations took place. today just museum operation is ongoing from case to case (28 photos). release: september 2001   the 310.23 at the franz joseph line: focus of this gallery is the famous goelsdorf steam loco 310.23. all images were taken in austria starting in 1985 but still before the repair works in 1998/1999 took place (17 photos). (top of page) release: september 2001   this gallery shows the 310.23 at miscellaneous lines. examples: suedbahn, gysev, aspangbahn, ... (15 photos). it's a good decision to create some basic personal design rules when starting to release web content. if the results then complies to this self obligation in styles one's primary award is some kind of subliminal personal satisfaction. but furthermore there is increased potential to get awarded by award issuing communities. click on the left graphic to see awards received for the ebepe rail world pages. high appreciation to all groups which evaluated my site that valuable to issue an award! thanks to all of them! the railway sitering formerly "the railway webring" click here to visit the grey pattern above may help you better to adjust your computer monitor. especially the darker fields at the right should be distinguishable if your adjustment is okay! ----------------------------------- on this site, firefox users don't see pop-up text, when putting the pointer over graphics. reason is the standard setting of firefox. at http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/_popupalt.html.en is a free plug-in available, which enables this from ie accustomed function also to firefox users. last update: january 2006 - send me an email -- content and design © ebepe - the ebepe pages - www.ebepe.com and www.eberhard.at - 1999 : 2006 --
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