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loco locomotives. extreme steam- unusual variations on the steam locomotive. this page updated: 17 dec 2007 top links links about locos all locomotives more than 18 years old. proof on file in pursuance of title 18, usc2257 "for when you've seen the pistons of the mighty c.p.r with the driving force of a thousand horse then you'll know what pistons are." from "eskimo nell" general matters introduction a word on loading gauges railway history in germany. classification by number of cylinders. articulated locomotives. how to articulate "locomotive" flexible mallets (usa) the triplexes (usa) dreams of quadraplexes (usa,uk) hexaplex delurium (usa,uk) the bulleid leader. (uk) shaft countershaft: the fink system. sir arthur heywood's radiating axles. klose to the edge (g) hagans heros- the hagans system (g) the klien-lindner system (g) the system of dr luttermöller (g) the du bousquet. (france) cabforward (backwards) locomotives. the gr670 compound (italy) the thuile system (france) the prussian state s9 & t16 the sp 4-8-8-2 cabforward (usa) the db 05 003 schnellzuglok (g) cabforward tank engines cabmiddleward locomotives. camelback locomotives (usa) the belgian cabmiddleward geared locomotives the hunslet (uk) the shay (usa) the climax (usa) the heisler (usa) the johnston 16-wheeler (nz) monorail locomotives (and tri-rails) the lartigue (eire) the brennan gyroscopic(uk) the centennial (usa) updated the bradford (usa) the patiala (india) the lisbon tramway 1-1-2-1-1 fireless locomotives fowler's ghost (uk) compressed-air locos moved compressed on l'ouest- air locomotive soda locomotives the squeeze is on. high-pressure locos grace under pressure; hp technology french haute pression german hochdruck the fatal fury (uk) the hush-hush 10000 (uk) swiss high pressure canadian high pressure american high pressure turbine locomotives why turbines? belluzzo & the italian turbines the swiss zoelly turbine the reid-ramsey turbo-electric (uk) the reid-mcleod turbine loco (uk) the beyer-ljungstrom. (uk) the swedish-argentine turbine. the lms turbomotive (uk) the armstrong-whitworth (uk) the swedish turbines the french turbines the german turbines union pacific turbine (usa) pennsylvania rr turbine (usa) chesapeake & ohio turbine (usa) norfolk & western turbine (usa) steam-electric locomotives (non-turbine) the heilmann (france) updated diesel-pneumatic locomotives the v3201 (germany) in pursuit of economy franco-crosti locomotives. the kitson-still steam-diesel (uk) the holcroft-anderson (uk) just what the docteur ordered (b) wind-splitting: early streamlining. uniflow locomotives in pursuit of velocity when size matters: pearson's 9-footer but i've got a bigger pair: the hurricane big wheels in france: l'aigle petiet's french experiments the fontaine fiasco (usa) unusual boilers the flaman boiler the brotan boiler updated the triple-boiler water-tubes on the nord the velox boiler (france) steam motor locos european steam motor locos the argentinian steam motor loco the egyptian steam motor loco the colombian steam motor loco the lübeck steam motor loco hard to classify strange doings in belgium.(b) smashing the (whyte) system. (b) the holman horror (usa) russian reforms electric-fired steam (swiss) stealth locos & strange chimneys twelve-coupled locos updated again the nielson one-cylinder loco the cristiani compressed steam system the paget locomotive. the realms of fiction. the realms of friction. the oddest locomotive? balanced locomotives non-circular wheel locomotives the lazy-tongs locomotive the horsehead haulage locomotive new
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