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miniature electric locos garden railways some other pages on site, of interest to loco builders: general information on locomotives and trams accessories for loco builders radio control interfaces our controllers are used world wide by model makers, both private and commercial. this page is dedicated to some of the owners. the problem with a page like this is that the contact information provided gets out of date, so if you find information that is wrong, please contact us. we get sent a lot of pictures of locos that have been made using our controllers: our photo gallery includes offerings from england, germany, italy, japan, new zealand, ontario, switzerland. but most of the pics are not good enough to scan in for this site. only recently have we started to receive jpegs and gifs. if you have a picture of a loco using a 4qd controllers that you would like us to add, please contact us! please do not sent photos before contacting us as our email server rejects large attachments. so this is the start of the www picture gallery. against each there's a description and a thumbnail or four. click on the thumbnail if you want the full picture. phoenix locomotives ltd. 4qd supply the controller and wiring for phoenix locos. elsewhere on 4qd's site a wiring diagram is available. ride-on-railways 4qd supply a complete kit of parts as specified by ride-on-railways. for more information visit ride-on-railways www site maxitrak ltd for many years, maxitrak have been using 4qd controllers: they make many different machines and 4qd do not have details of the wiring - which differs from machine to machine. you should therefore contact maxitrak direct for queries about specific loco model. our hand control box and relay board were however inspired by the wiring of a maxitrak loco and were designed to simplify the wiring and remove some of the problems caused by their somewhat over-complicated wiring! alaska live steamers from david f borough of alaska live steamers, wasilla, alaska. 28 february 1999. the main picture is a jpeg, 179k. david says: "the locomotive is a model of the prototype at sacramento california (usa) railroad museum. the loco is 1.6 scale 7.5" gauge. uses two traction motors mounted to each axle with 64:11 gear drive reduction. the motors are from a disabled three wheel cart, 24 vdc pm motors. the motors are hooked in parallel to the controller - 4qd's ncc-70-24 (now redesigned as the vtx). the power source is two 12v deep cycle rv batteries hooked in series. the loco will run for about 16 hours between charging. it is very powerful can pull a train of 6 cars with 3 adults up a 2% grade with power to spare. to add realism a sound card is used for locomotive engine, bell & whistle sounds. the sound is so real it has fooled many to believe the real thing is coming up the tracks." carr's machining ltd. carr's not only make some fantastic locos, but they also distribute our controllers in canada. see their www site or email shane carr for more information. ac4400.jpeg (107kb) cpdt2.jpeg (117kb) dash8-2.jpeg (96kb) m420.jpeg (125kb) click on the thumbnail to download the full jpeg image j-m mairesse mr. mairesse tram (to quote mr mairesse) is a model of the engine which ran on the tracks of the belgian vicinal between 1935 and 1955. it was called "type standard". this tram is 1/5 scale on 7 1/4" gauge. after modification, it uses one bogie of 1hp and one bogie of 1/2 hp, with the use of 6 motors of 1/4 hp, 12 v dc. the motors work on 24 v dc, hooked in series two by two, and hooked all together in parallel to the controller: 4qd-150-24. the power source is a series of 12 v batteries. in normal use at our association, on a public park, the tram can run 32 km with coaches for +- 10 children. at home in the garden, because of gradients of the tracks round about 3%, a booster is joined to the tram, with two motors for a total of 1/2 hp. these motors are hooked in parallel with the motors of the tram. the controller has thus two ranges of use: 1,5 hp or 2 hp. tram_1.jpeg (148kb)tram_2.jpeg (169kb)tram_3.jpeg (201kb) click on the thumbnail to download the full jpeg image other sites there must be lots of other garden railway sites on the net. we will add links to them as we become aware of them. maxitrak manufacture and sell track and locos. they use our controllers. stephen g james, in new zealand uses our ncc-70-24 (now redesigned as the vtx) in some of his locos. it's a page with quite a lot of large gifs and jpegs, so can be a bit slow to download. 6th october, 1999, but just updated 4th april, 2001. discover live steam has lots of useful links. page information document uri: www.4qd.co.uk/evs/locos.html last modified: tuesday, 23-oct-2007 08:34:57 bst © 1999-2007 4qd page's author: richard torrens
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