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let's walk through it and see, starting with what overnight trains are like. see a partial list of - and links to more - overnight trains in europe understand overnight trains in europe what's a sleeper? each passenger in a sleeper -- a sleeping compartment in a european overnight train -- has his/her own seat/berth which fully reclines with a pillow and sheets and blanket. and his/her means sleepers aren't seperated by gender; you'll be sharing the compartment with both sexes, so keep your daytime duds on. a curtain can be drawn across the locking compartment door to the train hallway. bathrooms are at the end of the car; european train bathrooms are pretty much like airplane bathrooms -- small, but have what you need. does a sleeper cost more? you can upgrade to a single or double sleeper if you really want the privacy, but it will add bucks -- sometimes substantially. sleeping in a couchette compartment -- six passengers -- will likely be a minumum of $32 on top of your train pass or ticket. a hostel can be as low as $10 per night, and as much as $30. the conclusion? if time is more important than money, take the train -- if sticking to a budget is paramount, stay in a hostel and travel by day to see the scenery tick by. hostels 101 top european hostels information hub: learn about eurail passes will an overnight train use two days on my train pass? from rail europe: "if you board a direct overnight train that departs after 7:00pm, then you use only one day on your pass. if your overnight train requires a train change before midnight, then you will use two travel days." what's one day on a eurail pass? understand days on a eurail pass. more about european rail passes read more: understand europe overnight trains more europe backpacking tips: backpacking europe: lock it up backpacking europe: travel footnotes backpacking europe: travel cash stashing backpacking europe: rail passes vs. train tickets related: backpacking europe 101 | eurail passes 101 | eurostar 101 | student travel guide to munich | munich hauptbahnhof photos | top 10 frequently asked hostel questions photos: top - unknown; bottom - kathleen crislip comments (0)read archives prevnext zsb(3,3) comments no comments yet. leave a comment leave a comment name email (never displayed) url your comment line and paragraph breaks are automatic. some html allowed: <a href="" title="">, <b>, <i>, <strike> say it! gei("commentform").style.display="none"; var l=getelementsbyclassname("leavecomment",gei("comments")); for(i=0;i var tcdacmd="dt;da";
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