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railways - software for model railroading (official site) * last updated : november, 11th 2006 * railways software official site version 4.1.0p1 - november 2006 a model railroad design software with digital control module (for pc 80286 or above) distributed as shareware developed by sébastien marchant - © 1993-2006   latest news november, 11th 2006 : version 4.1.0p1 is available a demo version of winrailways has been presented in "salon du modélisme" in toulouse, france on december, 2-3 2000. an interface between winrailways and a palmpilot has been shown. snapshots of winrailways and pictures of the show are available here !   contents presentation with snapshots download railways software license and registration full english documentation (also included in railways package) see also 'user contributions' for documentation in pdf format for acrobat reader what's new in the latest release - history improvements for next releases user contributions (layout examples, new tracks databases, enhanced documentations...) feel free to send me the contribution(s) you made with or for railways :   presentation railways is a shareware software to help you to design model railroad track plans and to control them with the digital module for märklin computer interfaces 6050, 6051 and 6023 or compatible. it can be used by any model railroader, using any kind of tracks (märklin/marklin, fleischmann, jouef, lima, roco, altas, lgb, ...) and for any scale (ho, n, o, z or whatever you want) since you build your own database (dat file) with a tool software : setuprlw. you can edit your tracks, define a workbench, add rectangles, circles, signals and turntables, add texts and annotations, and above all you can add flextracks with accuracy. many tools are provided : 'copy, paste & delete' possibilities, load and merge parts of layout, translation, rotation, choice of colours, material list, printer interface for hp-laserjet, hp-deskjet and epson-compatible. postscript, dxf (for autocad, or other programs that can import dxf files) and bmp files can be also exported. railways can be run from dos 3.3 to win31/win95/98/nt/2000/xp and os/2. graphics mode are available from ega (640x350x16) to vesa-svga (up to 1280x1024x256) if your video card can deal with such mode. snapshots (screen captures) : a great and large layout (from bo aslund - sweden) (26 kb gif) modules possibilities (13 kb gif) digital management (23 kb gif) tool to create track databases (7 kb gif) please, if you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms or problems, send me an email, or write me a letter. so i can improve this software. please, report the bugs you may find... thanks a lot. tracks databases (dat files)included in railways package track's name dat file arnold narnold-n.dat atlas ho c100atlas-ho.dat atlas natlas-n.dat bemo hombemo-hom.dat fleischmann profi hofmann-ho.dat fleischmann n (#1)fmann-n1.dat fleischmann n (#2)fmann-n2.dat frateschi (brazil)fratesch.dat hornby oo imperialhrnbyoo1.dat hornby oo gaugehrnbyoo2.dat jouef hojouef-ho.dat kleinbahn and klein modellbahnkleinbho.dat lgb iimlgb-iim.dat lima ho 'nickel silver'lima-ho1.dat lima ho 'standard' or 'blister'lima-ho2.dat lionel o-27lionlo27.dat märklin alphamarkalph.dat märklin-hübner imarkhub1.dat märklin cmarklinc.dat märklin kmarklink.dat märklin mmarklinm.dat märklin zmarklinz.dat märklin 3800-3900markmodm.dat minitrix nminitrxn.dat peco ho setrackpeco-ho.dat peco npeco-n.dat piko ho 'standardgleis'piko-ho.dat pilz tt standard #1 (hungary)pilz-tt1.dat pilz tt standard #2 (hungary)pilz-tt2.dat rivarossi horiva-ho.dat roco line horoco-ho.dat roco nroco-n.dat roco 2.5 (old tracks)roco2-5.dat zeuke tt (poland)zeuke-tt.dat   download railways package railways software is available in following languages in the same package : englishamerican frenchfrançais germandeutsch dutchnederlands swedishsvenska italianitaliano spanishcastellano please, note that the official documentation of railways is always in english... how to install railways on your computer : download rlw410p1.zip archive file [1.329.738 bytes] if you have trouble to download from this site, try http://www.marklin-users.net/ (official mirror site - follow 'links and downloads') do not forget to register after the shareware evaluation period if you think railways is useful for you. uncompress rlw410p1.zip archive with pkunzip or winzip program. if you use pkunzip, please add the 'restoring directories' option : pkunzip -d rlw410p1.zip to run railways from mswindows, double-click on rlw.exe. you can also type rlw at ms-dos prompt. to select the language of railways user-interface, exit from railways. edit rlw-us.ini with notepad (double-click from windows explorer) or any other text editor. change 'language' field to your preferred language code (codes are listed in rlw-us.ini). save rlw-us.ini and exit from text editor, then run rlw.exe. documentation is available in english in docs directory (html/gif or txt). please, go to the 'user contributions' pages to get additionnal files, such as layout examples, documentation translations, etc. if you have any problem or question, don't hesitate to contact me via email :   license and registration this software package is not free software. this is shareware, that is try before you buy. you are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purpose without charge for a period of 21 days. if you use this software after the 21-day evaluation period, a registration fee of 25 euros is required. unregistered use of the software after the 21-day evaluation period is in violation of international copyright laws. when you want to register, please send me an email to in order to find the easiest and cheapest solution to send me money. payments shall be made in euros or in any other currencies (in this case, the amount shall be equivalent to 25 euros). a registered user is considered as a legal user of any version of railways software (from v0.10 to v4.1 or above, ms-dos version) and will also have free email support and new version announcements via email. registrations also contribute to the development of a windows version of railways, and registered users will pay half-price registration fee when this version is available. in addition, any suggestions or improvements are welcome from registered users. the following table gives exchange rates for a few countries as of november 2006. euro : 25.00 australia42.00 aud canada36.00 cad china252.00 cny denmark187.00 dkk great-britain17.00 gbp iceland2176.00 isk japan3763.00 jpy mongolia37300.00 mnt new zealand48.00 nzd norway206.00 nok south africa235.00 zar sweden229.00 sek switzerland40.00 chf u.s.a.32.00 usd (*) please check rates when you register.   what's new in the latest release - history november 2006 : railways 4.1.0p1 (patch 1 of v4.1.0) correction of an annoying bug preventing from saving any file when no floppy drive is detected on system update exchange rates january 2002 : railways 4.1.0 small bugs corrected demo mode of digital control when no computer interface is connected documentation clarification inline help available in spanish-castillan (thanks to g.volpi) web/email addresses with redirection full euro currency support (!) update of exchange rates for registration november 2000 : railways 4.0.0r2 (revision 2 of v4.0.0) spanish language support corrections in the soundblaster module (memory leaks...) updated marklin c track database (new marklinc.dat) no more ascii documentation (no readme.txt) new shareware management october 1999 : railways 4.0.0 only one executable for all supported languages autofill function a few other improvements shareware in order to support windows development of railways, email and web support may 1999 : railways 3.0.12 (upgrade for v3.0.9) many new video cards support only vesa 256 colours (or above) modes (they do not support vesa 16 colour modes...) : railways was upgraded to be run with 256 colours in high resolution modes. improvements in feedback management a few other improvements february 1999 : railways 3.0.9 (patch for v3.0.8) many people reports that rlw.exe can't be started on pcs with 200mhz chip or above : a run time error occured when starting... in fact, this was a borland pascal compiler bug => borland pascal compiler bug fixed and rlw.exe recompiled "postcardware" now appears in first presentation screen rlwnoxms.exe for old (but good !) pcs (8086 with 640kb of ram) testvesa.exe to test video card capabilities in vesa modes. new email and www addresses may 1997 : railways 3.0.8 (upgrade for v3.0.4) digital support for feedbacks sound support for soundblaster card and compatible (voc format) new flextrack management a few other improvements january, 6th 1997 : student life is over... i work now, so it is hard for me to find time to continue railways development... ftp and www pages have moved to enac new system : *.mis.enac.fr october 1996 : railways 3.0.4 (patch for v3.0 and v3.0.1) digital support for 3-way switches and uncouplers possibility to update tracks and others in a digital layout file (like in a lyo file) two new languages : swedish and danish new dat files a few other improvements june 1996 : railways 3.0.1 (patch for v3.0) mouse module was re-written for supporting vesa-svga modes with any mouse driver. a special mouse driver driver is not necessary for vesa-svga modes. the dutch version is released the german version is available and released the swedish version will be available soon may 1996 : railways 3.0 vesa-svga supports : 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 (need a special mouse driver) printer outputs : hp laserjet, hp deskjet and epson compatible a new mode of drawing tracks (much better...) a popup menu for an easier navigation through railways menus märklin digital support for computer interfaces 6050, 6051 and 6023 support for asymmetric 3-way switches a little undo function hard drives autodetection an easy-to-use workbench function for rectangular board new dat files better dxf files : line-styles, layers, ... and less bugs ! a dutch version is now available (may 1996) many other things and fixes to be continued in readme files included in the package... * end of document *
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