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niniane's blog: trains @import url('http://www.blogger.com/css/blog_controls.css'); @import url('http://www.blogger.com/dyn-css/authorization.css?targetblogid=6230750'); #navbar-iframe { display:block } skip to main | skip to sidebar niniane's blog "the truth shall set you free." -- caltech thursday, may 03, 2007 trains i'm in singapore, for a week of vacation. armed with many pleasant memories of taking the train in china, i decided to go by sleeper train to malaysia for three days. on the train, you can sleep in a real bed, with sheets, instead of a narrow airplane seat. the sway of the train lulls you gently to sleep.i booked the deluxe sleeper cabin. the web sites says this comes with its own private bathroom, towels, complimentary dinner and breakfast. what a delightful description!our train was scheduled to depart at 10:15pm. it was delayed for five hours. i sat until 3am in the humid singaporean train station, where the heat was abated only slightly by the small ceiling fans.finally, the train arrived. i got settled into the compartment. the bed was quite comfortable.30 minutes later, loud knocking on the door. i tried to ignore it, which generated another bout of even louder knocking. i opened the door. it was the attendant, handing out towels.another 15 minutes later, he knocked to pass out fried noodles.i finally drifted to sleep, then was suddenly awakened and forced to walk through an immigration line.afterwards, the passengers were finally permitted to get a few hours' sleep, before loud knocking to collect the towels.shortly before singapore, there was a final call, to pass out dry coconut rolls for breakfast.the service did meet the letter of the description. but something got lost in translation, i think. posted by niniane at 5/03/2007 07:35:00 pm 4 comments: minya said... sorry to hear about the train... i always thought singapore should be much better than this, from what i heard from others... anyway, have a nice vacation~ you sure deserve it! 5/04/2007 12:10 am   thomas said... same with minya, sorry to hear about train ride and the lack of sleep. i thought you were going to tell us..."knock, knock""who's there?""i'm sharing the cabin with you!" 5/04/2007 7:42 am   prolific programmer said... @minya, the train was not in singapore, it was in malaysiahave you tried the swiss trains? punctual, fast, cheap, quiet -- just like switzerland itself. 5/04/2007 3:47 pm   natalia said... sounds a lot like an airplane flight. just when you fall asleep they shove a tray on your lap.but i love trains! we need more in the us. you can optimize your travel time by reading or working rather then driving. 5/04/2007 4:27 pm   post a comment newer post older post home subscribe to: post comments (atom) about me niniane bay area, california, united states i like things that are funny. i am a compulsive writer. i work as an engineering manager at google. i have an awesome little brother. i live in the bay area. my name is pronounced like "vivian" but with n's. view my complete profile blog archive ▼ 2008 (11) ▼ january (11) funny (to me, at least) sassy, in three parts offspring ~ software mlk day, redux slightly amusing how can a few paris photos rsi [land, home] of the [free, brave] parents funny tom funny ► 2007 (181) ► december (14) feliz navidad: a post which is not only boring but... it was still faster than 40 days nostalgia the eleventh visit will involve throwing away 1024... best quote from 2007 airports, sappiness food is always a good analogy i debated a long time whether to write this hahahaha brothers: the most skilled people at poking fun one-liners that made me lol first writings about ronald mcdonald house let me become one of the sheep, because this is to... but don't throw out your first ten babies ► november (19) the taste of victory is sweet indeed 12550 words to go some good writing some photos from the wedding what to do, what to do??? about sharks. best thing i've seen in taiwan amusing convo between my relatives dashed happiness priceless photos so taiwan is like this too? pet peeve + away my car is apparently a traveling museum when giants walked the earth and then i was obliged to leave the room googleween so totally gorgeous these are some of the nation's best and brightest halloween photos ii t + 2 hours ► october (19) first set of halloween photos "it just works" you know you're an engineer when... funniest thing i heard this week photos from the city of angels software on the edge of forever ► september (22) ► august (17) ► july (16) ► june (14) ► may (10) ► april (12) ► march (10) ► february (13) ► january (15) ► 2006 (278) ► december (21) ► november (26) ► october (18) ► september (26) ► august (37) ► july (30) ► june (31) ► may (28) ► april (29) ► march (21) ► february (6) ► january (5) ► 2005 (45) ► december (8) ► november (6) ► october (4) ► september (5) ► august (3) ► july (5) ► june (2) ► may (4) ► april (2) ► march (6) ► 2004 (21) ► november (2) ► october (1) ► september (5) ► august (7) ► july (1) ► june (1) ► april (1) ► march (3) author"s favorites sex in church plant war ode to gummies pointless q&a too oft repeated b of the b linux, funny embarrassed candle why i don't date asian men party pics get your dance on liquids gross-off battle can't take my parents any more how to resist free food??? so inappropriate, but so funny stages of chinese mating ritual half plus seven, or ten years? when your own mama done forget you trying to egg me into a midlife crisis at 27   var site="s15eggplant" _uacct = "ua-426690-6"; urchintracker(); _widgetmanager._init('http://www.blogger.com/rearrange?blogid=6230750', 'http://niniane.blogspot.com/2007/05/trains.html','6230750'); _widgetmanager._setpageactionurl('http://www.blogger.com/display?blogid=6230750', 'ijag7ncf8_gav-onpfetez7dz8c=:1201840267477'); _widgetmanager._setdatacontext([{'name': 'blog', 'data': {'title': 'niniane47s blog', 'pagetype': 'item', 'url': 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'openidoptag': ''}}]); _widgetmanager._setsystemmarkup({'layout': {'varname': '', 'template': '74div class7547widget-wrap14776n74div class7547widget-wrap24776n74div class7547widget-wrap34776n74div class7547widget-content4776n74div class7547layout-title477674data:layout-title7674/data:layout-title7674/div76n74a class7547editlink47 expr:href7547data:widget.quickediturl47 expr:onclick754742return _widgetmanager._popupconfig(document.getelementbyid(4242 + data:widget.instanceid + 4242));4247 target7547choosewidget477674data:edit-link7674/data:edit-link7674/a76n74/div76n74/div76n74/div76n74/div076'}, 'quickedit': {'varname': '', 'template': '74div class7547clear477674/div76n74span class7547widget-item-control4776n74span class7547item-control blog-admin4776n74a class7547quickedit47 expr:href7547data:widget.quickediturl47 expr:onclick754742return _widgetmanager._popupconfig(document.getelementbyid(4242 + data:widget.instanceid + 4242));4247 expr:target754742config42 + data:widget.instanceid47 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