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australian narrow gauge web-exhibition welcome to theaustralian narrow gauge web-exhibition gallery quick links arizona gravel beechy bellbird broughton vale carlisle river chamatiago chili line conventions coolong clay pit diamond valley dutton bay enterprise (gold) f s & k rr leith & diggle montezuma no hope coast north coast ng old ophir pelican cove petes pallets puffing billy red stag rio grande southern rio grande western shelley snake river thomson victorian rlys ng vulcan vale walhalla this site is dedicated to showcasing some of the finest narrow gauge layouts produced by australian modellers. some of these layouts are personal, home layouts and are rarely seen by the general public; others may be more well known on the exhibition scene, but they all share one thing in common - fine modelling in narrow gauge. i have been able to assemble galleries of many scales. the most common are on30 and hon30, but three-foot gauge appears in on3, sn3, hon3 and even the challenging nn3 scale, while large scale is recognized with a couple of 1/32 (or thereabouts) layouts. click on a thumbnail below to display a gallery, or use the "quick link" list to the left. as each gallery appears, the thumbnail images then displayed on the left can be "clicked" for full sized images. there are "short-cut" links to each gallery in the top left hand corner of each screen. i hope you will enjoy this online exhibition. if you have any comments, questions or offers of layouts for inclusion, please contact me by email: duttonbay@optushome.com.au john dennis narrow gauge? australia has significant amounts of track in four main gauges. until relatively recent times, three states had basically no track wider than 3'6" - and therefore that gauge can be considered to be that state's "standard" gauge. this site agrees with that sentiment, and only models representing a gauge of 3-foot or less are presented. this site has been prepared with permission of all of the layout owners, many of whom have opened their house to me on multiple occasions in order to properly document their layout, have forwarded digital images to me, or have entrusted me with their personal photographic prints for scanning. without their co-operation the site would not have appeared, and for this we should all be grateful. thomson new sep 10, 2003 on30 shelley railway co new sep 10, 2003 hon30 diamond valley lines coming soon... hon3 the chili line new may 1, 2003 hon3 leith & diggle light rwy new may 1, 2003 o-16.5 australian narrow gauge conventions updated may 1, 2003 rio grande southernsouthwestern pacific division new may 1, 2003 hon3 rio grande western new may 1, 2003 on3 red stag lumber company new images may 1 2003 on3 north coast narrow gauge new october 8, 2002 on3 snake river railroad lumber company all new photos oct 8, 2002 nn3 coolong clay pit on18 enterprise gold mining co on30 pelican cove on30 chamatiago & southern hon3 the beechy on30 no hope coast large scale in a small space 1/32n20 arizona gravel company large scale in a carry-on case !! 1/35n2 victorian railways narrow gauge on30 broughton vale tramway hon30 vulcan vale narrow gauge railway on30 pete's pallets hon30 bellbird timber tramway on30 montezuma lumber company sn3 carlisle river on30 puffing billy photo night not a model, but most definitelynarrow gauge!! walhalla hon30 old ophir on3 dutton bay tramway hon30 franklin, somerset & kennebec hon30 all photos are presented with permission from the layout owner. last updated 11 september, 2003
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