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sbb: trains - international top trains var gajshost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3cscript src='" + gajshost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3e%3c/script%3e")); var pagetracker = _gat._gettracker("ua-624686-1"); pagetracker._setdomainname("sbb.ch"); pagetracker._initdata(); pagetracker._trackpageview(); back to main menu travel corporation fr | it | de home | contact | sitemap | search   railpasses |tickets |services |companies | trains timetable ticket shop news rail service free time groups travel in europe internat. guests trains long-distance traffic car transport brig-iselle international top trains   international top trains international top trains. eurocity ec. in the modern eurocity trains, you can rove through europe in comfortable and air-conditioned cars. as a rule, all the trains have a dining car and snacks trolleys. tgv. the french high-speed train tgv with all important national and international connections. the trains have a bar coach, complemented on some lines with a snacks trolley service (at certain times). seat reservation is compulsory.www.tgv.com tgv lyria. three direct connections daily from zurich and four direct connections from basel sbb–paris.up to two direct connections daily bern/neuchâtel–paris.up to five direct connections daily lausanne–paris.up to eight direct connections daily geneva–paris.www.tgv-lyria.com tgv méditerranée. one direct connection daily geneva–nice.one direct connection daily geneva–montpellier.www.tgv.com intercityexpress ice. the intercityexpress ice is germany's high-speed train offering its services on all important national and international connections. depending on the make, the trains feature audio and video stations, business compartments, mother-and-child compartments, a bistro or dining car, at-seat meal service in 1st class and snacks trolleys. some ice trains boast a lounge compartment directly behind the locomotive driver. thus, you enjoy the spectacular outlook on the line ahead while travelling in comfort. you can travel with up to 300 km/h on the new line between frankfurt/main and cologne, thereby saving one hour in travel time.www.bahn.de cisalpino cis. the italian tilting train cisalpino offers rides to milan, venice and florence. the trains have a dining car with bar and snacks trolleys, at-seat audio entertainment in 1st class, and free distribution of daily newspapers.www.cisalpino.ch pau casals hotel train. the hotel train connects switzerland with spain. all its sleeping cars are air-conditioned. you have a choice of different types of beds and compartments: "gran clase": single/double with shower/wc in the compartment.the fare includes as well a welcome drink, a dinner "à la carte" and the breakfast in the restaurant car. "affaires": single/double with washbasin in the compartment.the fare includes as well the breakfast in the restaurant car. "tourist": four-persons compartment with washbasin. "sleeperette": reclining seat. with dining car and bar coach. seat reservation is compulsory.www.elipsos.com citynightline cnl. on the modern citynightline cnl, you travel on the most direct route to germany, denmark, the czech republic and the netherlands. thereby, you can determine your travel comfort yourself. choose between the categories deluxe (with shower/wc, welcome drink and terry cloth linen), economy, couchette berths or reclining seats. furthermore, you have the possibility to relax in the bar or lounge car on any stretch of the route.www.citynightline.ch euronight wiener walzer/zürichsee. the euronight wiener walzer/zürichsee is a modern night train offering a service to vienna and budapest every night. you can yourself determine the travel comfort and can choose between the different categories deluxe (with shower/wc, welcome drink and terry cloth linen), economy, couchette berths or seats. on the euronight "wiener walzer/zürichsee", breakfast is served in the slepping cars. euronight roma. using the euronight connections, you can travel to italy in sleeping- and couchette cars every night. supplements are charged as a function of the type of compartment and the category of the car. on some routes, a breakfast is served to you. eurostar italia. italy's modern high-speed trains are equipped with dining cars including a bar, and with business compartments. in 1st class, free daily newspapers are offered, and a welcome drink is served. seat reservation is compulsory. trainsets of the latest design offer their services between milan and naples, and between milan and venice.www.trenitalia.com thalys. the international high-speed train thalys is your best connection on the axis france–belgium–the netherlands/germany. these trains have a bar coach. depending on the time of day and the route, a breakfast or a cold evening meal is served at your seat if you travel in the «confort» class. seat reservation is compulsory.www.thalys.com » print this page.   information   our pieces of advice new in the sbb ticket shop.now you can book train trips to germany, france and italy online conveniently and easily.» continue do you commute cleverly?find out which is the offer most appropriate to your requirements.» continue technical requirement | imprint | legal information | data protection
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